One China or Two?

One China or Two?

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Donald Trump’s win on 8th November, based on a campaign of fiery and blistering rhetoric often singling out China, sent shock waves around the globe.  Mainstream media observed closely as world leaders raced to make that all-important phone call to congratulate the unpredictable political virgin.  Some calls were fulsome and some tentatively made but none caused as much furore as the phone call between Tsai Ing-Wen, the Democratic Progressive Taiwanese President, and Trump. Tsai congratulated Trump with the following:

“The US is the most important democracy in the world as well as Taiwan’s most solid partner. We are looking forward to working with Trump’s administration in deepening the US-Taiwan relationship and turning Taipei into a key foundation for maintaining peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region.”

Tsai expressed confidence in future US-Taiwan relations based around shared values such as freedom, democracy, and human rights. Seemingly…

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Visiting Iceland

Visiting Iceland

We are three days into our long weekend in Reykjavik Iceland and we have done so much!

I would highly recommend the Golden Circle tour (mountaineers of Iceland). The tour began with a visit to Bláskógabyggð to see geysers.

Beautiful, but very eggy!!!!! 😀

The tour then took us to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland at the Golden Circle.

We visited the point where the tectonic plates of the US continent and Europe divide, then off to the highlight of the tour for us – taking snowmobiles up a glacier!

I have never driven a snowmobile and, to be honest, was a bit worried about this activity. 

A number of the group tipped their snowmobiles over and we had to stop to help them up. I’m very pleased to say my wife and I managed to get all the way up and down without any falls.

This was one of the best experiences of my life and I would highly recommend you do this if you visit Iceland. 

Today has been all about visiting The Blue Lagoon – another great experience.

We will be ending our visit to Iceland tonight with a trip out to see the Northern Lights (hopefully).

I would definitely say this has been a great weekend break – it is true what they say, Iceland is an expensive place to visit. Our taxi from the airport (50 kilometres) cost £120.00 and a typical meal in a restaurant for two (two courses with wine) is about £130.

So definitely come here, but save you pennies before and be prepared for the costs – much of what you do here will be once in a lifetime stuff, so very worthwhile 😀😀😀😀

Thank you for reading!!

Gem the Mermaid 

Gem the Mermaid 

It has been a few weeks since my last blog – so many things have happened that meant I was very busy.

I am currently relaxing after a Thai massage from the Spa at my hotel in Rome – catching up with some blogs I follow and thought I’d better show you the final results of my attempt at a wire mermaid sculpture.

This is especially for my friend Gemma (she is a real mermaid!).

Here are a few photographs of Gem the Mermaid;

Thank you for following my blog!

The Butterfly

The Butterfly

After asking my mum what she would like for her birthday, she told me that she would love a butterfly that would be set on a pole so that she could place it in her flowerbeds.

For wing shape I chose the Monach butterfly (Danaus plexippus) as you can often see them in our gardens here, but they are getting quite rare.

So firstly, creating the wings;

Then the butterfly’s body;

Not really much to see above, but the general idea is to start with steel wire and bend it into the body and head shape, then wrap aluminium foils around the wire and squash it into the desired shape – this gives you a good base to start wrapping the wire around.

Then attaching the wings and pulling through the extra wire from the wings to create the antennas and six legs;

Now to focus on the pole…. Rather than just a stick, I thought it would look better if the butterfly had landed on a flower or stem of a plant, so I tried to add leaves so it made the whole thing a bit of a nicer look – here are a few of the final photos;

I’m pleased to say my Mum loves the photos!!

Thank you for reading and have a good weekend!